At AMC we are always striving to educate our clients on practical tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle accompanied by massage. Diet is a key part. We love talking diet with our therapist as well as as our clients. Here are a few pros and cons from conversations regarding the Whole30 diet craze!



1.Less restrictive than keto or paleo. By the end of the first week it should be taking no extra time to do crazy extensive prep.


2.Is a more well-rounded approach to diet, which minions more practical to maintain real lifestyle change.


3.Focuses on high quality food. Organic is recommended but not necessary to stick to this plan.



1.Find not cutting out everything, and allowing grains like quinoa or buckwheat, and dairy products such as ghee, you may still experience inflammation if you’re trying to treat deep-seated diet issues.


2.having a focus on high quality food is a double edged sword which makes it hard to eat out where you don’t know the quality of the food.


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