What You Need To Know About Winter Sports

We don’t get snow… But our little Texas hearts can’t always take the cold (below 70’s weather) all that well. Here are some winter sports safety tips from your one and only AMC! Texas is no Michigan when it comes to playing sports out in the cold weather, however, we do see regular dips down into the 30’s and even 20’s fahrenheit during the winter months. Things can take a nasty turn if you’re caught 40 miles from home on a bike ride with a dead phone and flat tire without a spare tube. Here are 8 things to check off before going out in the cold:


Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water especially if you are in cold temperatures and at elevation. Avoid heavily caffeinated drinks and alcohol. Remember, if you feel thirsty, you may already be getting dehydrated.


Practice yoga

To prevent injury and increase flexibility, yoga is recommended as part of a conditioning program.


Add cardio to your workouts

Indoor cardio training such as swimming, running, cycling or rowing is ideal for all athletes to implement in their preseason conditioning.


Check your equipment

Be sure to check all of your equipment prior to going on that long ride or run. That means fuel is properly packed, and any extra equipment is accounted for.  


Improve strength

Core exercises, as well as squats and lunges, are beneficial in increasing strength and preventing injuries more likely to happen in cold slippery conditions.


Wear layers when exercising outdoors

Each cold-weather outfit should have three parts to it: a base layer, a mid layer, and a shell. Proper layering is the key to your success in the brisk, wintery months. Wear fabrics that provide the best insulation to keep you warm, and more importantly, are moisture-wicking to keep you dry.


Protect your skin

When it’s cold and breezy, the wind can dry out your skin, reddening the surface and causing it to feel a lot like sunburn. If you are heading out to run, ride, or row try to cover exposed areas of skin. Moisturizing can also prevent the effects of this wind burn.

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