We were on a BREAK!!!! A note from our leader.

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This is an actual text conversation from a few days ago.


I am here to lay it out right now to you guys… Seeing another therapist is OKAY! Consider this your green light to go outside your comfort zone and book with someone when I am not available. My schedule gets bananas and I dont expect or want you to wait for the stars to align just right for you to nab a 60 minute session. The most important thing to me is that you get the bodywork you need, when you need it and that is why I’ve taken the time to invite an amazing team of therapist to join me at Austin Massage Company.


While each therapist has their own style and specialty we are committed to working together as a collective to provide the best care possible to get you back to feeling great and doing the things you love to do. When I am not available feel free to check out our bios, read our Yelp reviews or ask who I would recommend you see. I am happy to refer you to anyone on our team. A great way to take a therapist for a “test drive” is to hop on the table when you see us out and about at races and events… don’t be shy and put your name on the list.
Referrals do not stop with our staff either, We totally get that what we do might not be the answer so we foster the “it takes a village,” approach when it comes to your wellness. if you feel that massage isn’t getting you the results you need communicate that with us. We have an extensive network of healthcare providers who we trust and rely on to take amazing care of our clients.



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