Top 5 Health Reasons To Get A Professional Massage

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At one time, massage was for the elite. Massages occurred in luxury spas and private health clubs. These days, massages are available everywhere from clinics, to businesses, to airports, and even your local farmer’s market.

Studies have shown that massage is an effective treatment for many physical and emotional maladies. While more research is necessary to authenticate the benefits, studies do exist in realizing that a professional massage aids in relieving:

  1. Stress – Our massages offer you a decrease in physical and psychological levels of stress. Some studies highlight the significance of trigger point therapy in the reduction of physiological aspects of stress.
  2. Anxiety – The National Institute of Mental Healthfound that a staggering number of American adults suffer from anxiety. However, research shows that massage can reduce anxiety for psychiatric patients, those with the anxiety associated with chronic pain, cancer patients, and so on.
  3. Low back pain – The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokefinds that Americans spend in the billions each year to assist in low back pain. Research indicates that massage can reduce low back pain, as well as the disability associated with low back
  4. Cardiovascular health – As seen by a growing body of research, a qualified massage therapist plays a meaningful role in creating improvement in cardiovascular health. Cardiovascular disease, according to the CDC, is responsible for 25% of all American deaths. It is the leading cause of death in men and women. Healthy lifestyle changes, like diet, exercise, and regular massage can help to prevent you from suffering a cardiovascular ailment.
  5. Blood pressure – One study, based on the effects of trigger point therapy, saw a compelling drop in heart rate, systolic blood pressure, and diastolic blood pressure, and muscle tension. Unhealthy blood pressure levels can result in kidney disease, atherosclerosis, and cardiovascular diseases leading that can lead to heart failure. Used along with a healthy lifestyle, massage can help to curb high blood pressure readings.

Don’t believe that massages are just a form of pampering when so much evidence points to a variety of health rewards from regular massage therapy. Contact us today for your next massage. Let us help you start positively impacting your health!


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