Therapist Interview With V Alvarado

1. How do you describe your approach to massage?

My approach is a clinical bodywork with a Neuromuscular detail. I use a combination of techniques and modalities I’ve learned thru CEU courses and 8+years of hands on experience with a variety of clients including post surgery clients as part of a rehab program. My goal is increased range of motion & reduced pain.

2. What led to you practicing massage?

A lifetime of working jobs I didn’t get anything out of. I met a group of LMT’s when I moved in to Austin and they suggested I try a new career.

3. What is the most valuable lesson you have learned through massage?

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned as an LMT is listening and paying attention to detail.

4. What do you like most about Austin Massage Company?

The freedom to use my skills and intuition without micro management. We also have a leader, Michelle Hittner, who’s not afraid to work hard right along with us and is well connected in the athletic community. I’ve gone places, met people and learned things I’d never have known otherwise.

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