Therapist Interview With Rita Fish


1. How do you describe your approach to massage?
I would describe my approach to massage as integrative. I help clients overcome pain and stress through massage therapy but also understand it takes a client dedicated to improving themselves to make a real change. Massage therapy is an amazing tool when used with home exercises, stretching and strengthening techniques, and other forms of bodywork.

2. What led to you practicing massage?
Growing up with a mom who practices massage therapy allowed me to see the first-hand benefits from massage at a young age. This sparked my passion to want to help others recover from pain and physical and mental stress through massage.

3. What is the most valuable lesson you have learned through massage?
There is no such thing as a quick fix. Overcoming pain, stress, or injury takes time and dedication.

4. What do you like most about Austin Massage Company?
AMC is a no-frills, clinical massage practice. While seaweed wraps and other spa treatments have their value and their place, I am excited to be part of a team that is dedicated to being an integral part of our clients’ health and well being.

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