Therapist Interview With James Uhl


  • How do you describe your approach to massage?

You could almost call my approach mechanical. I always try to determine what parts of your body are handling the most load, and therefore are under the most stress. If I can redistribute the load and stress evenly through your body, a lot of issues will be alleviated. When it comes to more specific issues my techniques are designed to “scrap off the rust” so to speak or re-energize fatigued tissues. My background in personal training as well allows me to instruct each client on the things they could be doing to reverse their problems.


  • What led to you practicing massage?
My practice is the result of an overwhelming curiosity for the human body. When deciding my education it only seemed right to start with something I would see in not only myself everyday, but also the people around me.
  • What is the most valuable lesson you have learned through massage?
Versatility. The body was designed to be adaptive to an amazing number of different stressors and stimuli. When it comes to recovery and repair, there is no golden technique that solves everyone’s problems. Having an arsenal of varying techniques allows you to approach each problem with curiosity. Ultimately, there will always be some issues that are outside my ability to help. But one thing I can always do for each and every client, as long as I approach their problem with different perspectives, is give them a idea of all the things that will help them and sometimes more importantly give them an idea of all of the things that will make them worse.
  • What do you like most about Austin Massage Company?
Our Mission to provide for the community. We ourselves have a passion for fitness and health and with our practice we are able to connect with the people with the same passions. Knowing that every therapist at Austin Massage Company is highly driven to get our clients the treatment and education needed to take charge of their health is an amazing thing.
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