Summer Snacks Are Happening


Day in and day out there is one thing that’s always on our mind… FOOD! No matter if it’s an early morning run or hours on hours of massage, us at AMC are always planning ahead to our next meal.

Here are some helpful and refreshing snack ideas from Eating and Living Healthy:
•    Freeze individual servings of berries. You can just grab them on your way out the door. They will be a cool refreshing treat!
•    Pack an apple. It won’t go bad and doesn’t have to be carefully packed.
•    Pack a bag of carrots, celery, peppers or cucumber. All give a great healthy crunch when on the road or running errands.
•    Grab a handful of unsalted walnuts or almonds, and, yes, it means a single handful (10-15 nuts)! They contain great sources of fiber, vitamin E, and calcium.
•    Carry individual packets of peanut butter or almond butter.
•    Throw a bag of dehydrated fruit in your car, in case you get stuck in between meals. Look for options where the only ingredient listed is the fruit you are eating!

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