Staying Texas Strong


Hurricane Harvey hit Texas hard, but we are fighting back just the same! Here are a few ways Austin Massage Company has been, and will continue helping kick this storm in the butt:


Our first effort in helping aid Harvey victims was to donate as much as we could! We were stoked to say all our awesome clients helped us raise $550 for Austin Pets Alive! just by getting a massage. For a week after the hurricane hit we donated $10 of each massage booked at both clinics to relief efforts.



IF YOU NEED TEMP WORK in Austin while you are displaced from your home? AMC is offering a way for those relocated in Austin to make a little money in a safe and welcoming environment & to have a sense of normalcy during this time of chaos.

Email for info.

And if you are displaced in San Antonio our awesome friend at Heeling Sole Barefoot Massage is who to contact. thank you Jeni Spring for thinking of this and including our clinic. you’re awesome!



And last but not least, so many Houston and coastal therapist are out of commissions due to being out of equipment after Hurricane Harvey and we feel the need to HELP! We can’t imaging losing both your home and means of income at once. If you have ANY massage supplies or equipment you would care to donate please call Michelle @ 512-293-8055.

Michelle and Kristen, owner of Heart & Sole Massage in North Austin will be delvering gear to the houston area!

Or to donate see our PayPal here:

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