So Much New At AMC!

There is a lot of new going on at AMC and we want to make sure you are all in on it! Below is all the info you might have missed:


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SHE’S BACK! Janice is back from her trip to Thailand, and brought with her a new bag of tricks. While over seas she completed a Thai Massage program and is no certified to administer. For those who aren’t familiar, Thai Massage is a form of work that clients receive clothed. You therapist works with you on a yoga mat to further stretch muscles and release soreness.

Her appointments are filling up quick, so BOOK WITH JANICE NOW!









MEET OUR NEWEST! There is a new therapist coming and we can’t wait for you all to meet her! Kara will be joining our team shortly, and bringing along some really awesome skills. Not only is she a rockin’ therapist, but Kara is part of a local roller derby team in town. That’s right, she’s a Girl Boss all the way!

Kara has great core values, and with an athletic background herself will be some of our athletes favorite new tool. We can’t wait to have her join our team, and the books, soon. Keep your eyes peeled, we already have people lining up for her appointments!





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AN AMC SHOUT OUT! The last thing we have to bring up is how amazing our great friend Andrew Willis is doing amazing in the Race Across The West. We will be following Andrew through his journey, and you can too:

We are always so proud of locals getting out there with their sports and passions, and can’t wait to see him when he returns!

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