Running in the Cold

We just had a 70 degree holiday here in Austin, but that doesn’t mean cold weather isn’t coming! And when it does, we don’t want you to be left with chills. Here is our yearly reminder of things to do to get you through workouts during the colder weather:

  1. Dress Dry – Not Just Warm. The quickest way to lose heat is to get wet. So skip active wear made from cotton, which soaks up sweat and rain and holds in moisture.
  2. Protect Your Extremities. You’ve heard it since you were a little kid. Protecting your ears, toes, hands, and feet are important when running and playing sports in the cold. Don’t forget to cover up when head out the door.
  3. Do A Warmup First. Exercising in cold weather increases the risk for strains and sprains. Think of it like stretching a cold rubber band. Tailor your warm-up to the type of workout you are doing for best results.
  4. Cool Down First. Letting your body cool down on its own is helpful to your heart. Don’t change too quickly in an attempt to get out of the uncomfortable getup. Let your body adjust beforehand.

We hope this helps, and work outs, friends!

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