Post Marathon Recovery

Ready for the Austin Marathon?? We have prepped you ((a few times)), given you tips for the day of, and let you know we will be at the FINISH LINE  rocking it under the massage tent. So what more do you need to know? Well, post race recovery will soon be on your mind… So here are some tips from us on getting over the hump!


  • First, eat plenty of healthy protein as soon as you can after finishing your marathon and cooling down. Your body has just done something incredible, but not without a price, those last few miles your body was breaking down muscle. So, protein up to give it the building blocks to repair.


  • Get some SLEEP.  Your body needs sleep to carry out the critical recovery phase. The Sunday after your Saturday marathon is the perfect day to stay in and relax, and catch a few extra ZZZ’s to speed up that recovery rate.


  • Visit us at the clinic! Why? Likely at the end of well-run marathon there is doubtless a deterioration in your form, and that deterioration means you’re going to be demanding more of one side of your body than the other. This means you are probably asymmetrical when you finish the race, and you need someone who can help you get back in track, and also take care of the other little injuries caused by the marathon.


  • Finally, do cross-training before you jump back into running.  To heal fully take X number of days off, and then hit the pool!  This method will expedite the healing process by getting your oxygen rich blood pumping and flowing to all your muscle groups hard at work repairing themselves without the stress of impact.
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