Nothing Will Stop Us – But This Might Help…

The Driveway Series STARTS TONIGHT!! For those of you riding out though, there has been a bit of a detour we wanted to share:

For those commuting to/from the Driveway Series by bike this week. The trail is COMPLETELY CLOSED under 183. You WILL have to detour. Period. Yes, you will.

YOU CAN NOT (!!!) cross 183 at Bolm or Smith. Period. Can’t do it. No, you can’t!

The detour that the city has provided sucks – no two ways around it – it adds ~5 miles to the commute and you’re going to have to add ~15-20 minutes commute time if coming from Downtown in order to ride N to MLK, cross over, and then ride S along the new 2-way paved path that runs along Northbound 183 (see pic).

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but now ya know! Please, please, please plan at least 15-20 minutes to your commute time so that you don’t miss your race (or take it out on the friendly Reg Staff!)

^^ The awesome folks of the Driveway Series routed the detour on RWGPS from Govalle Park so that anyone taking this has an idea of the mileage. It’s going to add ~5 miles to your commute.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL riding N-bound along 183 South. They have not created a new paved path along that stretch, so it’s strung together sidewalks and is sketch AF.

After you cross over 183, you’ll ride South along 183 N-bound on the new ~5-6 foot wide paved path. This feels MUCH safer, but do watch out for glass and nails. They haven’t been doing a very good job of keeping it swept.

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