Meet Emily

We have a new therapist on board, and can’t wait to share her talent with you all!

Emily Vorland - headshot 1Emily is a hardworking therapist with a passion for helping clients recover from injuries and maintain a healthy life free of physical and mental stress.
Her passions as a therapist include; improving athletic performance, assisting in recovery from injuries/illness, and establishing strong relationships with patients to ensure they meet their physical goals.

Emily became passionate about bodywork after spending time as a college athlete and a U.S. Army officer.  She sustained several injuries and was not satisifed with the care she received. Emily became very proactive in her own recovery and wanted to become a dedicated bodywork to help others.

Emily has trained in Rolfing techniques at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO, Massage Therapy at New Beginnings School of Massage, as well as, Pilates Instructor Training in Austin, TX.

Emily is from Cedar Falls, Iowa and moved to Austin, TX after being stationed at Fort Hood, TX.  Emily is an Iraqi war veteran (U.S. Army) and a former University of Iowa women’s varsity rower.  In her free time, she enjoys playing sports, hiking the Greenbelt, teaching Pilates, and volunteering the in local community.

And For A Few Facts:
1. She’s a 3rd generation bodyworker. Her grandfather and father were both Chiropractors and she has been influenced by their work.
2. She recovered from bilateral inguinal ligament (sport hernia) surgery – and has personal experience with those types injuries.

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