Meet Destiny

1. Tell us what you do at AMC

I am AMCs Office Manager. I do everything from answer phones 7 days a week, to restocking the clinic, to building shelves to payroll.

2. How were you introduced to the AMC family?

I was referred by our own Nat Morales. I was looking to find a new local business to work with.

3. What is your favorite part of working with AMC?

I have always loved working in a fluid environment and this industry and company are just that. Not rigid, not stuck in their ways and always learning and evolving. It helps us all grow and become better workers and people to each other within the clinic and at events.

4. What do you do outside of all your awesome work at AMC?

I also maintain people’s dreadlocks, am getting back into trail running, and I am building a tiny home RV with my fiance. 

5. What is something most of the clients at AMC might not know about you?

I was on the board for 4 different nonprofits for three years prior to taking this job. I’m a classically trained cellist and occasionally sing with my friend’s band, Fat Cactus.

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