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Our fearless leader Michelle has recently taken the dive into Pilates and it’s safe to say she is hooked! It’s a great overall workout and helps to perfect that lazy posture we all seem to be guilty of these days. Our great friends at Mauro’s Pilates are adamant about helping everyone from beginners to elite athletes by providing an array of Pilates services tailored to injury rehabilitation, weight loss, fitness, and general lifestyle betterment. Going one step further, Mauro’s has paired with Jonathan Janis to provide need to know movement and wellness tips in their upcoming workshops.


Trauma Release Through Tremoring, Friday March 20 + Friday April 10 – $15

Before he realized what was happening, this class became the center offering of Jonathan’s teaching.  The class begins with the “Trauma Manifesto,” in which he provides his conception of the body linking physicality, qi blockage, trauma, sexuality destiny, purpose, and the internal compass that helps guide us.

The class is designed to produce involuntary tremoring in the psoas, in order to provide a physical release of the body.  It’s a very simple process of making the legs tired, and positioning the body to create fatigue in the deep hip flexors.  Tremoring can be subtle or intense, and can travel to different parts of the body.  At times, it can be accompanied by subtle or intense emotional content, and it can also be purely physical.  This method is based on TRE, and has been used successfully in the 3rd world settings, police, military, and on a personal level.  It is designed as a self-care modality that you can apply in your daily life.


Passion for the Pelvis, March 21 + 22 & The Supple Spine, April 11 + 12

Embodied movement is the art of possessing your body through felt sense, imagery, and movement.  Come discover how deeply amazing and personal your movement is, and how to change it instantly through the power of the mind.  Science shows without doubt that the mind governs our movement and experience in ways far deeper than most people realize.  This workshop explores this power of the mind, in learning about the role and function of the pelvis and spine — how they absorb force, produce motion, and distribute weight through subtle movement of the pelvic bones, discs and vertebrae, etc.  We will work on balancing on the femur heads to avoid low back stress, examine iliopsoas and SI joint function, understand the curves of the spine and atlanto-occipital joint for easy posture, and finally self-massage using inflatable massage balls.  Most people leave the workshops feeling surprised at their relaxation, effortless organization, and general feelings of empowerment over their body.


Learn more about Mauro Pilates and Jonathan Janis HERE.

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