Managing Fatigue in Race Season

CapTex is just around the corner, which denotes the beginning of Triathlon season for many Austinites. One of the hardest things to balance is how to race and still make gains.  Last year, from May to September I felt I was in a mode of race, recover, and repeat. The year I am trying to get ahead of the cycle by picking more strategic races and by prioritizing recovery post-race.

We are roughly 16 months out from Paralympics 2016. What I care about more than anything now is being in the best shape of my life for the race that really matters, the Paralympic championship. In the interim I need to be strategic in acquiring the appropriate points for selection. Each race that is available to acquire points also requires travel. There is some fatigue that is inherent in traveling for a triathlon.

Last year was withdrawal on top of withdrawal from my energy systems. I had a house fire, frequent races, and was working fulltime while training fulltime.

This year I am trying to make some deposits to energy systems based on the lessons learned from the struggle of 2014. I’ve found more flexible employment that better supports my Paralympic aspirations. I have carved out more time for sleep. Through university I worked full-time and took a full time course load. I got used to never sleeping more than 3-4 hours. I am 14 years past those days, and still struggling to change my sleeping habits. As an athlete I’ve been assured that you can never get to the next level on only 3-4 hours of sleep.

Other improvements to my recovery regiment have been aided by incorporating regular massage. I’ve seen through anecdotal evidence as well as research that massage can improve sleep, flexibility, and circulation and muscle recovery. I know that with some help from AMC I can break the cycle this year. I need to see train, race, and recover, repeat to see some major gains when it really counts; that is to say in July 2016. Go TEAM USA! Schedule an Appointment



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