Know Your Therapist – Andrea

1. How do you describe your approach to massage?

I approach every massage with an open mind because even though there is a commonality to how our bodies hold tension and pain, every situation and every perspective is different.  After 15 years of practicing I still learn something new nearly every day.


2. What led to you practicing massage?

I became a body worker after a stroke left my grandmother paralyzed. The doctors told us that touch would be a very important part of her recovery. I worked with her weekly for years after that which led me to understand the true importance of touch. People need physical contact to survive. With some clients, especially the elderly, it’s the only ‘touch’ they receive.


3. What is the most valuable lesson you have learned through massage?

The most valuable lessons I’ve learned are that I can’t help everyone, and that there’s always something more to learn.


4. What do you like most about Austin Massage Company?

I’m proud to work for AMC mostly because of the communities that michelle has brought together. My coworkers are talented and inspiring and the clients are strong athletic health conscious people who truly understand the need for bodywork.

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