Know Your Therapist – Kathy

1. How do you describe your approach to massage?

When I approach massage with someone, I attempt to understand their whole body and lifestyle- how they use and take care of it. First steps in taking care of muscles is diet, exercise, rest, stretching, posture and listening to the body. While treating overly tight muscles, I may encourage clients with ways to maintain and increase healthy strong muscles.


2. What led me to practice massage?

Having a wholistic approach towards my own health, I knew the benefits of massage: increased circulation, regular release of toxic waste, reduced stress, increased mobility, healing touch in repairing muscles, stretching, along the importance of maintaining my health through learning the language of my own body. I wanted to share with others these same benefits I have received.


3. What is the most valuable lesson I have learned through massage?

The most valuable lesson I have learned through massage is how to listen and interpret what my body is saying.  The body is run by a wellspring of remarkable intelligence. Massage addresses an important role in optimizing and maintaining a healthy body for me.


4. What do I like most about Austin Massage Company?

When I first found AMC, I said to myself “finally”!  A massage business that is truly committed to best practices for their clients as a medically and professionally oriented group of very knowledgeable and friendly massage therapists. The rooms are spacious and generously comfortable. Their community outreach along with a long history of very satisfied clients speaks to the fact that they’ve been voted Austin’s best massage company for years.


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