It’s Time For A Physical

It is August.  Where has the time gone??  Crazy to realize kiddos will be going back to school at the end of the month, and fall sports are soon about to kick off. As a company that focus heavily on health and wellness through massage, we would just like to remind all of our busy parents to SCHEDULE their middle school and high school student’s sports physical!

 Why it matters:

  • The health care provider will examine your child with the general requirements of their sport(s) in mind and look for conditions or injuries that could make it unsafe to participate.
  • If your child has a condition or injury that will affect his or her safety and/or performance, the health care provider will suggest treatments that include ordering appropriate testing, prescribing medication, and suggesting exercises and/or modifications that will help them play their sport safely.
  • It is critical that parents to come prepared to discuss their child’s family history, past medical history, and any pre-existing conditions. Even if there haven’t been issues in the past, every new year can trigger changes in a growing body.


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