Gift Guide Massage Style

If you are a spouse, family member or friend of a massage therapist, you are well aware that shopping for the holidays can be a stressful task. What do you get someone who spend their days digging into sore athletes and getting the injured back on track? Things like face cradles are just about as exciting as coal, and buying more for them to carry to events just seems cruel. Here are four of our favorite items perfect for the massage therapist in your life:

1. Moji Massager

This little contraption is a life saver when it comes to massage therapist and their arms. It is GREAT for forearms, and tiny enough for travel. The moji relaxes sore muscles and targets hard to reach areas, so the therapist can save themselves from soreness as well.


2. Back nobber

To those not familiar with the world of massage, this contraption looks like a bad door hanger. We know better than that! The back nobber is great for the lower back and tops of your shoulders. A bonus, it come apart to fit in a bag.


3. Sombra pain relief gel

As odd as it might seem to get your loved one a tub of gel, we will see it as a 16-year-old sees a new car. The Sombra pain relief gel is natural and awesome! You honestly can’t go wrong with this stuff.


4. The Original Worm

New on the scene, The Original Worm is AMAZING. As you all know, massage therapist are obsessed with foam rollers and tennis balls. This rolling companion takes things to the next level. Tennis balls inside of a roller… welcome to your new best friend.


We wish you all a happy shopping experience (AKA when things go south and the lines get too long we hope you have our number saved to book a massage)!

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