Foam Rolling Tips by James


Still feeling the post Austin Marathon pain? Until you can get in for a massage, our therapist James has some great tips for rolling out the kinks:

1. Stay relaxed
Rolling over a flexed muscle will not only be ineffective but will probably hurt more as well!
2. Take deep breathes
If you hold your breath while rolling into a tight area it will involuntarily cause you to contract your muscles. Deep breaths will help keep you relaxed making your rolling more effective.
3. Move slowly
Take the time to explore each area to find the places that are the most tender. If you move too fast you won’t be able to find the more specific areas to work on and will be more likely to tighten up defensively.
4. Use as little energy as possible
When you have to actively push to feel a sensation in a designated area it makes it harder for your body to breathe and relax. Do your best to have your body weight and gravity be the force that creates the sensation to help keep you relaxed as opposed to you straining yourself.
5. Use the right tool
There are many different types of foam rollers, with some designed for certain areas more than others. Use a long cylinder roller for broader areas like your quads, lats, and mid back. While using a tennis ball or lacrosse ball for my specific areas in your hips and rotator cuff.


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