Do Weareable Devices Work?

Wearable devices, like Fitbit, Nike Fuel Band, and Garments, can be outstanding tools to support a fitness regimen. The trick is to understand what they do, and to understand what they don’t do.

Fitness trackers are great for having a tool to motivate. Making micro targets throughout the day, for example a goal of 100 steps per hour, can reduce periods of sedentary times. This can reduce fatigue and make you more likely to follow through with fitness goals. Fitness trackers also provide a great way to estimate progress and are a great way to share estimated progress and invoke a competitive spirit to influx motivation.

What trackers do not do is actually calculate calories. The calorie numbers you are seeing are estimations based on averages. This can be an over estimation or an under estimation.  If you find that you are motivating yourself based on a calorie count you may be putting yourself back a step or two.

For a span in 2013 I was a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness on Guadalupe. I had a client that told me he was rewarding himself with fried chicken for every workout. I remember being dumbfounded and struggled to find a gentle way of saying “You may have been better off before you were working out.”

The numbers provided by a fitness tracker should be taken with a grain of salt, there is no scientific medical count being taken, only an average. Some times it is best to not make fitness decisions by your fitness tracker.

To be clear I am fully in favor of the utilization of a fitness tracker. I think the gentle reminder to stay active and stay moving is utility enough to make these wearable devices worthwhile. If you are motivated by sharing data then share every day and keep that motivation coming!

Pick some big goals for yourself in 2015 and see if you can’t map some micro targets with your wearable device to get the most out of it and see monster gains. Use your fitness tracker with an understanding of all it provides with a grain of salt for the digits you see flash across the screen. With that entire step counting you may have tight calves; it may be time for a visit to AMC: Schedule an Appointment HERE!

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