Daylight Kicking Our Butt

Is Daylight Savings time kicking any one else in the rear end like it is us?? This week has been a PAIN! Extra sluggish in the mornings, getting dark at 4pm, not knowing which way is up or down… So here are some ways to help beat the fatigue of the time change:

  1. Fuel your body. Energy is won or lost based on the fuel you give your body. So get ahead of it by making sure you stay fueled (and HYDRATED)!
  2. Take a nap. We know not everyone can have this luxury. But even if it is a 15 minute power nap when you get home from work. Take a little break to rest your eyes for the first week or two.
  3. Play outside. Sounds silly right. Now, we don’t mean play like a kid. Though if you want to, by all means – go for it! But get outside. Go for a walk or run. Ride your bike. Being outside will help you adjust.
  4. GET A MASSAGE! Okay, this one might not actually be the MOST commonly known fix. But getting a massage will literally help with just about anything. It will give you time to rest (you can take a nap during your session), and your body will get a fresh start!

So, book with us and help beat your daylight savings blues HERE.

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