Athlete Spotlight – Mechella Lara

Mechella is not only an awesome athlete, she is one of our own! You might notice her from working AMC events with our staff! Here is a little about her latest win and the mix between being an athlete and therapist:
1. Tell us about your last big win at the Palo Duro Trail Run. What did you do to prepare for that? And how did it feel to win the overall women’s 50K? 
ML: I am happily surprised with my win! I trained all year with San Antonio Running Company’s train run group Bexar Tracks and my friends @UltraReinas. I did this race last year and saw the age group winners get a beautiful jean jacket. I set my goal for winning my age group and came out with the overall win! I cried ugly tears of joy when the RD handed me that beautiful jean jacket embroidered with “Overall Winner 50k”.
2. You work events with AMC as a massage therapist, tell us how your two words collide, and how you got involved in bodywork? 
ML: I’ve been an athlete since I was a kid, and I’ve always been interest in anatomy and physiology, and how the body works when it comes to sports. I originally went to college and studied Exercise and Sports Sciences but soon switched to a Massage Therapy program. I love helping athletes reach their goal!
3. What do you think the importance of bodywork is for athletes like yourself? 
ML: Bodywork is super important! I feel super fresh after I get a massage. As hard as you work out, your recovery should be just as hard!
4.  What other races do you have coming up? And what does training look like for you for the rest of the year and going into 2020?
ML: I don’t have any planned races as of right now, so the next week or two will be active recovery and maybe doing more bike riding.  Then I’ll jump back in to maintaining run fitness. The @UltraReinas and I were talking about training for a 50 miler in 2020.
5. Anything else you want to add? 
ML: Anyone can do ultras and trail running! Set your goal, find friends to stay accountable, and put in the work. You can reach your goal!
Photos by Dan Rosales @danomite_satx
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