Athlete Spotlight: Kara DeLeon



Our latest Spotlight is a girl with passions and power. Kara has been rocking the athletic scene for years, training the best of Austin to achieve their goals, and is an overall inspiration to us all at AMC. Here is a little more about Kara DeLeon:


  1. Tell us about your athletic background:


I played sports growing up, and in high school leaned towards soccer, volleyball and track. I transitioned into kickboxing, lifting weights and running in my early 20’s then found CrossFit when I turned 30. It was an instant love and I knew right away that I wanted to be a coach. After 4 years of coaching I found Atomic Athlete, where I was fortunate enough to fall into a coaching position with them too. I also love to cycle. Anytime I have a chance to ride, I do! I love to commute to work and elsewhere. I now reside as a S&C coach at Atomic Athlete and a nutrition coach with Pump & Shred.


  1. What drew you towards fitness?


I loved the team and commodore aspect when I was growing up. As an adult, I love the challenge and the competitive aspect it allows me to have with myself to always want to get better at something. Whether it’s getting stronger or faster, mentally or physically. I also love watching others achieve their goals and become even better at somethingthey thought they could not do. There is a feeling of great satisfaction for helping others in their fitness and in health. That’s why I was so drawn to coaching.


  1. What do you hope to bring out in others through fitness?


My hope is to show people just how strong and capable they really are mentally and physically.  It’s one thing to be physically strong but a whole other to have the mental fortitude to keep going and get through something that isn’t comfortable to them. That’s where you grow, that’s where you become ‘Harder to Kill.’


  1. Tell us some future short/long-term goals you have set for yourself:


I’m always seeking to better my knowledge about all the aspects I’m passionate about. Things are always evolving in the health and fitness industry. That being said, I’m in the process of gaining credentials in nutritional/sports science as well as a natural nutrition practitioner.


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