Athlete Spotlight – Carrie Eckermann


Our girl Carrie finished her FIRST EVER tri this weekend! We are stoked for her and proud to call her one of our own. Carrie came to us a few years ago with a background in massage therapy and an awesome attitude ((she literally got here the day ACL started and said yes to doing massage at the festival)). Over her time at AMC she has gotten to know the ins and outs of the cycling and running communities in town, and has worked her way into trying them out herself.

Safe to say Carrie is awesome and rocking the tri scene. We can’t wait to see what she does next! Read a little more on her experience, below…


Carrie’s Race Report:

Sunday was the Rookie Tri. I signed up for two reasons – One, I haven’t experienced a Triathlon and was curious to find out for myself what my clients love so much about it. Two, I could. When looking at the distances I immediately realized, I could do each one, no problem! While I didn’t run (powerwalk, wassup) I felt confident in the bike and had been swimming in open water for years, I didn’t know which one I’d struggle with the most, “run” or swim. I quickly learned I have so much room for improvement in my swim, like, not panicking for one. So, finishing in the middle of the pack changes my perspective on my abilities, maybe I could finish closer to the front. I just might try another…

My ABSOLUTE favorite part of this race was all the familiar faces! Those smiles helped with my first time nerves! Thank you for cheering all of us on Michelle Perez Hittner, Virginia Alvarado, Courtney Oaks, Rachael Oaks Jessica Alexander, Kate Doyle, Delaware, and Logan J Delaware. 
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