Athlete Interview: Steve Timmons

AMC: Share your story with us
ST: I was born in Fairfelid, California  on August 11, !973. with dad being in the Military allowed me to move around the world throughout my childhood to places as the Philippines. Because we moved around so much, I was always starting over trying to fit in.
As a kid I was never athletic matter of fact I was the kid that managed to run over my arm while roller skating. I graduated from C.F Brewer High school in White Settlement,TX in 1992. I have four kids, a grandchild and another on the way. In 2002 I lost my hearing then in 2003 stated falling down and losing my balance. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) later that year. Then in October of 2006 I was hospitalized with Viral Meningitis of the brain.
AMC: What got you into cycling?
ST: After getting out of the hospital I had a change in my mindset and decided that I wanted to prove my disability wasn’t me. MS doesn’t define us. we define MS. I changed my workout with my trainer at Mindset Fitness and yoga to build my upper body strength. In 2010 I got a handcycle and started to train for the annual MS Bike ride. In 2011 I rode my first ride completing 84 miles on my own with no teammates all with the use of my arms to pedal.
On December 22, 2015 my life was about to take another change when I received a recumbent trike from the good folk at Meatfight. Little did I know how much my life would change in a year I went from be a recreational rider to training for ultracyling races all because of my friend Chris Potter who inspired me to become an endurance cyclist.
AMC: What is your goal for Pace Bend?
ST: I’m hoping to complete 300-324 miles at Pace Bend to give myself and crew more for The Texas Time Trails in September where I will get 500 Miles this year. last year I fell short due to mechanical issues and other things. I won’t make those mistakes again this year.
AMC: What are your long-term goals for the year? Both in racing and in life.
ST: My long term goals is to ride in Race Across America by 2023 before I turn 50 and that is my focus right now, I will do everything in my power to achieve this goal and say big FUMS. I’m not sure what I want to do after I accomplish this goal other then take some time off and enjoy the grandkids.
AMC: What do you hope others can learn form your story and journey?
 ST: I’m determined to motivate and empower others not to give up: keep moving forward. Whatever you set your mind to do you can do it! There is always something in life that you have to adapt to physically, financially and emotionally. Courage is stronger than fear. You can get passed the roadblocks and keep going. keep living life to the fullest!
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