AMC Sponsored Athlete: Allison Macsas

Slovenia Run
We are excited to announce that one of our Sponsored Athletes, and awesome clients, is gearing up for her second Olympic Marathon Trials! Allison Macsas is working in her last miles (and massages) before packing up and heading to California for the February 13th event.

Unlike her experience with the 2012 trials she participated in, Macsas wasn’t spending all her time training in the traditional way. She was out of the country until Thanksgiving bringing groups around the world with Rogue Expeditions.

And when asked if she was ready? Absolutely. Her only concern are the conditions she can’t control. Preferring colder mornings and specific locations, Macsas is going into the trials wanting to PR at 2:38 or faster.

“It’s a really special day,” Macsas said. “They put you on a loop and there are tons of spectators. It’s a great atmosphere.”

Patagonia Run

Going into this race Allison has forfeited the normal ways of a runner. Where she used to have rituals of eating specific meals and listening to specific songs, in the past few years she has fallen out of those disciplines and become much more flexible and relaxed, something she attributes – along with newfound speed – to the variety of training locations and conditions that Rogue Expeditions has provided.

She says traveling for 60% of the year and training with Team Rogue for the other 40% has been an interesting experiment. One Macsas plans on testing in just under a month. The only ritual she is sticking to for this race, is getting as much sleep and as many massages possible before heading out to Los Angeles.

We are wishing her the best of luck, and can’t wait to hear how the race goes!

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