Sydney Is Back!!

One of AMC’s own has come home after her journeys in Colorado. Sydney Fuller shared with us her experience, training, and growth this week on the blog: 

In Colorado I took a Neuromuscular course through NMT Center with Judith Delaney where I learned more about trigger-point release and a Low Back Pain protocol. While I was there I worked with athletes involved in Crossfit and for a Chiropractic clinic where I worked with a team of Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, and another Massage Therapist to help people recover from Auto Accidents.

I received my first 10-Series at the Rolf Institute for Structural Integration. Structural Integration is something I am currently training in, coming up in November I will be attending a “fans of the hip” 3-day workshop with Anatomy Trains as part of the certification, this workshop specifically, will add to my knowledge of the pelvis and how it can be manipulated to release the rest of the body to improve movement and balance.

I also did a lot of hiking and trail running while in Boulder, and went on a 36mile 2.5 day backpacking trip where we climbed to just above 11,000ft in the Pike National Forest. It was beautiful and incredibly challenging at times.

Here I am near west Boulder in Chautauqua Park descending Bear Peak. The overall experience was so great and one I won’t forget. I am happy to be back at AMC and ready to starting seeing all my awesome clients (and some new ones) again! 

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