Know Your Therapist – Melanie

1. How do you describe your approach to massage? 

My approach to massage therapy and goal every session is to help heal the client to the best of my knowledge and ability. To me not all massage therapy treatments are the same. And this is because every person has a particular need: either alleviate pain, reduce stress, help with the healing process of a new injury (or an old one), aid sleep, and etc.

2. What led to you practicing massage?

The will of wanting to help others is a huge part of why I wanted to do massage therapy. I would say the first signs that led me to wanting to do it was my interest in Human Anatomy, and during Track & Field meets I always enjoyed massaging my friends to help them prep for their races. It has always been rewarding to hear from someone that you had helped them to feel better!

3. What is the most valuable lesson you have learned through massage?

One of the most valuable lessons that I have learned through massage is learning how to be a problem solver. Every session and client is different so you have to figure out how problems can be caused variously by postural issues, overuse, repetitive motion, trauma on the body, and effects of stress. So using Kinesiology to my advantage and figuring out the main source of the pain and/or issue is very important.

4. What do you like most about Austin Massage Company? 

I love Austin Massage Company for it’s fun work environment and all the awesome athletic clients that I get to work with! 



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