Know Your Therapist: Sydney


How do you describe your approach to massage?

As a therapist, I aim to provide bodywork which addresses specific client goals for living an active, pain-free life. A large part of my work includes effecting the deep tissues while loosening the fascial structure and integrating relaxing swedish strokes to soothe the nervous system and promote circulation. I also love to incorporate assisted stretching and body mobilization techniques into my work when appropriate.


What led to you practicing massage?

I wanted to learn more about my own body and how it moves, which turned into an interest in helping other people do the same.


What is the most valuable lesson you have learned through massage?

The human body has a natural desire to improve, it is constantly working to reach homeostasis no matter how down or poorly treated the body may be. There are very simple things we can do to help it along, and massage is part of that.


What do you like most about Austin Massage Company?

I enjoy the clinical, sports driven aspect of AMC. The therapists are so knowledgeable.

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