Athlete Spotlight – Allison Cleaver

Allison Cleaver, a great athlete and friend of AMC, just got back from the California International Marathon. We sat down to talk shop, and running, with her:


Austin Massage Company(AMC):  You just came back from CIM (California International Marathon). Can you tell us about it?

Allison Cleaver: It was an amazing experience to say the least! I went in very nervous because it was my 3rd marathon and I ended coming away with the Olympic Trials “A” Standard and a 14 minute personal best! (2:36:13) My goals were to #1) Have a great marathon experience and #2) Nail my nutrition. I feel I executed those goals!  I also had my coach, husband and some teammates/friends there to help pave the way to my success. Thanks to them, or I probably would have had a tough time out there!



AMC: What are some out-of-the-ordinary training techniques or superstitions you use to prepare?

Allison: I will NEVER go to a starting line not looking my best. I always put make-up on because its all about “look good, feel good”, right?
AMC: We are coming up on the end of the year. Do you have any major goals or events planned for 2019?

Allison: My goal for 2019 is to have another consistent year of training to get me ready for the 2020 Olympic Trials! I feel in order to run a fast marathon; I need to keep strengthening in other areas like the 5k, 10k, etc. One of the races I plan to race is the “Road to Gold” race on March 2, 2019. They will have us run the last “8.2” loop of the Olympic Trials course in Atlanta! I’m looking forward to testing out some of the course. I also graduate from nursing school next December so that’s a huge goal I have planned

AMC: How do you feel body work and training work together? Other than massage, what body work are you a fan of?

Allison: I kind of relate my body as a “car”. It needs routine work and constant maintenance just like our bodies do. Body work helps relieve the stress in our muscles and joints to help us recover faster and prepare us for our next run/workout. I’m a fan of trigger point (although it’s a love-hate relationship) I’ve been trying to get better about doing it before/after runs. I particularly like using the small ball underneath my feet- it breaks up all the little knots I get from all the long miles.


AMC: Other than running, what other competitions or sports are you passionate about?

Allison: CROSS-FIT! I really love the community there and the different circuits they make us do. With running, I can’t really do cross-fit so I have to tweak a lot of what they do. However, after I retire from running, I will probably move to becoming a full-time cross-fitter! I also love dancing (ballet, pointe, hip-hop, jazz, tap). I was a dancer for 15 years before I became a runner but I still randomly dance in my apartment- I STILL GOT IT!



AMC: Do you have any holiday traditions you just CAN’T do without? 
Allison: My sister and I always make sugar cookies and decorate them! We make a lot of them so sometimes we can’t decorate them all but its still a fun tradition we enjoy doing! A tradition I have with my husband is that we make a gingerbread house every year! Can’t wait to do all these again soon!
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Here is the link to the race she mentions. Thought we could link from our site.
California International Marathon (the race she was just in)