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Austin Massage Company Prices And Types Of Massage:

30 Minute Massage                               $55

45 Minute Massage                               $70

60 Minute Massage                               $85

75 Minute Massage                               $100

90 Minute Massage                              $115

120 Minute Massage                            $150

Ashiatsu Massage

Ashiatsu is an updated, Western version of an ancient form of bodywork: massage using the feet. In Japanese, “ashi” means “foot” and “atsu” means “pressure.” Its roots can be found in a variety of Eastern healing techniques that stretch back thousands of years. Though gentle, the Ashiatsu massage offers a depth unmatched by any other massage technique.

Ashiatsu massages are done on the massage table. The therapist uses bars suspended from the ceiling to adjust the amount and angle of pressure to meet the client’s specific needs for comfort and therapeutic benefit. The pressure is firm and constant as the body is being, quite literally, ironed out. Ironing out muscle fibers from end to end has a cleansing effect. Old blood and toxins are squeezed out of the muscle allowing fresh new blood to enter and rejuvenate the tissue. Along with the consistent pressure, our ashiatsu therapists are able to access the muscles from a number of angles extremely difficult to accomplish in a typical hand massage session. Accessing the muscles in new and effective ways translates into more consistent and comprehensive results.