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I had a wonderful massage yesterday from Emily at Austin Massage Company South Congress location. I have been having issues/pain in my hip and this massage helped a LOT. Emily was very knowledgeable and really dug into the trigger points to help release the tight areas. I felt so loose after it was finished. My legs felt great on my bike ride this morning. I highly recommend Emily and Austin Massage Company! When there is not a festival going on South Congress, this location is very easy to get to. There is plenty of parking behind the building.
Michelle is one of the best in the business. Her unique intuition and attention to detail are incredible and I’ve never left her table not thankful for her work.
I just wanted to give a shout out to V Alvarado, LMT @ Austin Massage Co. I went to her a couple of weeks ago for a traditional therapeutic massage and it felt wonderful. I am very sensitive to touch and bruise easily..V did a GREAT job and left me feeling much better and less tense. Thanks again V.
I used to see Michelle back in the day when I was hard core training for an Ironman. She would work the kinks out like magic and for a small lady she really does surprise you with the pressure she puts on your muscles! I love a good deep tissue, work the tense knots our massage. I don’t mind if it sometimes hurts, but I certainly felt AWESOME after my massage with Michelle recently.
I tell ALL my friends to go see James.  Whether you are an athlete or someone just feeling like you “need to work out some kinks” in your body, James is the massage professional I would trust the most in town to take of your needs.   He is passionate about what he does, and has an incredible heart for giving.  Not only do you get that kind of GREAT soul energy from James, but also, you get physical care that, in my eyes, can’t be beat here in Austin.  I second Sanosuke’s review: “Go. See. James.”  Period.  YAY!
Whether you need clinical massage to fix a painful issue, or you just want to relax, and de-stress, Michelle Hittner is the best in Texas.
V did an incredible job – first time and went on the recommendation of a friend because of a running injury – she worked wonders with my muscles and help promote healing – thanks!
Michelle Perez Hittner, is amazing! She is, by far, the BEST!! I’ve had a ton of massages but I’ve never encountered anyone to know what they were doing, like her. Aim her in the direction of your tight or strained muscles and she knows exactly where the knot is and how to get it out.
After cycling over 80 miles this weekend in the Real Ale Ride, my neck and shoulders were extremely sore. James Uhl fixed me! He listened to my concerns and did an amazing job! I will definitely be back and tell all my athlete friends about Austin Massage Company!
Beyond ecstatic to find Michelle. My body will be internally grateful.
I had a horrible pain in my neck from trying out some new pillows and thanks to “V” (who performed my service) I can turn my head without pain. I also have recurring pain in my knee and hip that she helped elevate sooooo much. I felt like a weight was lifted off me after my massage. I’m very grateful. “V” was awesome she’s super friendly and funny. FYI, when you book your appointment make sure what location your booking it for!
3 words: Go. See. James. His work is nothing short of incredible. I have had an impressive network of knots throughout my shoulders and back (and now hips, hooraaay) for the last 10 years, and was never impressed with massage therapy. But one session with James, and the pain was gone. Muscles were loosened. Range of motion was increased. And he worked on all of my problem muscles in one hour!! In addition to all of this, he’s just a delightful guy to be around! Go see James. You won’t be disappointed.
Holy WOW! Monica gave me the royal princess treatment! I knew Austin Massage Company rocked out the Sports Massage and NOW they have an equally amazing relaxation therapist. A quiet zen moment with Monica will turn your frown upside down! Thank you Monica!! I’ll be back. Often.
You can’t go wrong with any of the therapists here. Chance Mata most recently rocked my world with quite possibly the best bodywork this massage junkie has ever experienced. You will not be disappointed!
Awesome massage! Emily Vorland was working at the end of the Austin Marathon, & I wound up spending an hour with her there. I was passing through Austin and boked another hour today. She did some amazing work on an ankle sore from trail running. Very knowledgeable and willing to dig in and ignore my screams. If only she was up in Dallas!
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