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Chance Mata
Chance MataMassage Therapist

Meet Chance

Chance is an experienced, licensed massage therapist with an extensive background in deep tissue, lymphatic, myo facia release, trigger point, and sports massage techniques. Graduating from Memorial Herman Wellness Center’s school of spa therapy in 2007, Chance hit the ground running in his filed of passion. With 8+ years of experience in both clinic and event massage Chance obtains a high level of customer service and care with every client. He enjoys helping other overcome injuries and release tension to better perform in every day life. Continuing education in body mechanics, aromatherapy, Lauderstein Conway “Deep” program and “Clinical” program, Chance is a well-rounded therapist more than equipped to give constructive and productive massage.

There aren’t enough stars to express how wonderful my therapist was. Chance Mata ROCKED MY FU#*ING WORLD!! Another review said something similar and it’s absolutely true. Years of PT, chiropractors, TENS Units, heating pads, headaches, joint pain, anxiety & depression left my body during the 90 minute deep tissue session. He’s the first truly “deep tissue” therapist I’ve found. That’s not for the faint of heart since he grinds on those trigger points until they surrender but surprisingly I had no bruising and I usually bruise from the slightest bump. As personable and accommodating as he was, I’m sure he can do another method just as well. I scheduled 3 more sessions in the upcoming weeks to finish the rest of me because there was just too much to get to in our first session. Chance is magic The other therapists in the office were very polite too and I felt a very warm and welcoming vibe.
Louise F.
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