Sydney Fuller
Sydney FullerMassage Therapist

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As a therapist, Sydney aims to provide bodywork which addresses specific client goals for living an active, pain-free life. A large part of her work includes effecting the deep tissues while loosening the fascial structure and integrating relaxing swedish strokes to soothe the nervous system and promote circulation. She also love to incorporate assisted stretching and body mobilization techniques into her work when appropriate. 

Sydney became interested in massage through her own body. She has always been athletic and adventurous, and this along with some wacky sleeping positions led her to persistent neck and shoulder pain with nerve irritation and numbness. She sought the help of a massage therapist who helped her get to the bottom of the pain and encouraged her to learn more about her own body, how it moves, and what to do to help maintain healthy joints and muscles. 

In Sydney’s free time, she enjoy spending time outside running the greenbelt or lounging at deep eddy pool.

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