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Kathy Lund
Kathy LundMassage Therapist

Meet Kathy


Kathy has worked independently in Chiropractic Clinics assisting in the recovery and treatment for clients who suffered from multiple injuries including treatment for: whiplash, headaches/migraines, numbnesses in arms and legs, sciatic pain, hip pains, deep neck pain, shoulder pain/rotator cuff muscles, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, constrictions/tears in tendons/muscles, chronic deep back pain- psoas/iliacus release, subscapularis release, increasing mobilities with stretching, fascial/post surgical  adhesions, trigger/tender points, structural/postural corrections.


Kathy has advanced training in intraoral, anterior neck and TMJ Dysfunction which serve to release Jaw and neck pain/dysfunction. She also works with clients who suffer from war injuries.


Kathy’s massages are deeply therapeutic. She is led by her intuitive hands and advanced skills.  She is known as an Injury Treatment Specialist who has worked alongside many doctors during her career. She is very caring and aware of the many difficulties people may have recovering from chronic and postural injuries.

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