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Julio OtazoMassage Therapist

Meet Julio Otazo

Julio enjoys working on a variety of clientele, especially athletes and an active population.  He prides himself on being up to date on all current research and relevant topics in the current field of massage therapy.  Julio began his journey in massage therapy when he enrolled in a certification program in January 2017. After practicing and reading way more than what was required he obtained his license one year later in 2018.  Currently Julio has over 125 hours of continuing education units, and has garnered extensive and exhaustive certifications in sports massage, deep tissue, and pregnancy and pre-prenatal.

Straight out of school, Julio went to work practicing sports massage full time on a clientele focused on specific, isolated pain and injury conditions.  While cutting his teeth during the first year in the industry, He decided to almost exclusively treat orthopedic and muscular skeletal pain and movement conditions, and not to focus generally on relaxation. The results have been amazing, but many clients will smirk when they confirm “It wasn’t relaxing.” What separates Julio from the mass of other massage therapists in general is his depth of knowledge concerning anatomy of the muscular-skeletal system.  Julio believes that anatomy is the basis of all proper approaches to efficiently treating clients. Pain, Injury and movement limitations are just some of his expertise.

Generally speaking, relaxation based treatment is not what sets Julio on fire. He is more interested in deep-seated pain conditions and movement limitations, which can be worked through using massage therapy. One of the most important things Julio believes in the orthopedic potential of massage to relive pain and resolve injuries.  Working with a heavy hand, a client’s pain threshold can often be the guiding blueprint of a session.

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