Jonathan Moseley
Jonathan MoseleyMassage Therapist

Meet Jonathan

In 1994 Jonathan was told he needed surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. After 3 sessions of targeted, clinical bodywork, his symptoms went away forever and has never once needed surgery. Inspired, Jonathan began his obsession with bodywork and massage so that he too could help others achieve their wellness and recovery goals. Jonathan specializes in bringing a wide array of approaches to bodywork and customizing it according to the client’s needs. He is full body certified in Fascial Distortion Model as well as Fascial Stretch Therapy. He puts a premium on educating all of his clients in order to help them help themselves so that they can continue to do more of what they love.

Speaking of love, Jonathan is married to the purest and kindest woman on the planet and has blessed him with a gorgeous and precocious son named Gryffin… after Harry Potter’s House of Gryffindor. “I am deeply inspired by each person who allows me the opportunity to participate in their wellness. I love what I do.”

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