James Uhl
James UhlMassage Therapist

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James Uhl entered massage school right out of high school; he was eager to learn everything he could about bodywork. After graduating from the Lauterstein-Conway Massage School, he quickly established his own practice in clinical sports massage.

The following summer he earned his certification as a personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He is consistently working to learn and grow as a therapist and trainer specializing in sports rehabilitation. He is currently in the process of becoming ART certified in hopes to help treat his clients even more effectively.

With his combination of massage, educational stretches and foam rolling, he is most effective at helping athletes recover from current or chronic injuries.

In his free time he is inspired by all things health and movement-related, from long distance running to yoga to salsa dancing. He has developed a passion for martial arts, and he has his blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as on going practice of Capoeira.

Being an athlete most of his life, he knows the joy and peace the body can bring to each of us. He is devoted to helping all those who cross his path find their potential.

3 words: Go. See. James. His work is nothing short of incredible.
I have had an impressive network of knots throughout my shoulders and back (and now hips, hooraaay) for the last 10 years, and was never impressed with massage therapy.
But one session with James, and the pain was gone. Muscles were loosened. Range of motion was increased. And he worked on all of my problem muscles in one hour!!
In addition to all of this, he’s just a delightful guy to be around! Go see James. You won’t be disappointed.
Sanosuke S.
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