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Carrie Eckermann
Carrie EckermannMassage Therapist

Meet Carrie

Carrie graduated from EastWind School of Holistic Healing in 2006, where she was initially trained in Eastern Theory to support the Shiatsu modality.

Through her years of practicing, she has also studied Trigger Point, Lymphatic and Active Isolated Stretching. Carrie was able to balance these modalities together while working with a Chiropractor for three years in a more clinical setting. She excels when there is a goal to work towards whether it is rehabilitation, maintenance or performance related.

Carrie is originally from Iowa. She was introduced to Austin through traveling as the Bodyworker for Iowa’s Australian Rules Football team.

When she isn’t helping others in the massage room, you can find her enjoying the weather, or studying a new modality.


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