Ayla Scott
Ayla ScottMassage Therapist

Meet Ayla

Ayla has been practicing massage therapy since moving to Austin in 1996. In her practice she believes stretching is underrated as the BEST way to stay young! Fascia holds us in place but not always in a good way. Ayla focuses on unwinding old habits & injuries as they relate to your current presenting condition.

Adding to her bucket of skills she recently studied the compressive techniques and passive stretches used in “Ashi-Thai” Barefoot bodywork and is having fun intermingling them together with her signature Deep Tissue Massage techniques.

Unwinding patterns of restricted fascia while staying within the client’s therapeutic level of comfort she also mixes in some myofascial release techniques to deliver a powerfully satisfying & relaxing therapeutic massage.

If you’re an athlete or simply active in your daily life who would like more movement in the shoulders and neck, if your hips are tight, if your muscles like the added pressure of assisted stretching this modality is a must!

She also teaches a complete walking technique that she’s developed to assist you if you’re having movement problems, pain on movement, or you’re simply looking to make your walking or running more efficient. Stretches and exercises specifically targeting the problem areas found during your session are given when applicable.

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