Meet Our Athlete: Courtney

//Meet Our Athlete: Courtney

Meet Our Athlete: Courtney

Meet Our Athlete: Courtney

We have a new athlete, and her story is pretty cool:

Courtney started training for her first triathlon a few short weeks ago. Her story though, started long before that. She has lived in Austin for seven years, where she took to the biking trails as a common activity.

It wasn’t until over a year ago that things got real. Lying in a hospital bed, she was given news that there was a sub sternal tumor lying over her heart. With surgery lined up, and an unclear future, Courtney began to make a bucket list. Despite being left with numbing feelings in her neck, chest and left arm, she has stuck true to her list and is pushing towards her first triathlon in June.

Training with Erin, Owner and Coach of Big Pistachio, Courtney has overcome a life changing diagnosis and is well on her way to showing others you don’t need to wait for everything to be in place before chasing your dreams. Courtney has already lost 70 pounds on her healthy lifestyle journey and has aspirations  to complete an Ironman in the future.

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