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Victoria Pennock

Where did you go to school? How many years have you been a therapist? Why did you choose massage therapy as your career?

Victoria Pennock CMT, BCTMB, is a nationally-certified massage therapist who did her initial training in South Dakota in 2003.

What do you consider your specialty modality or stand out area of the body/type of injury you feel you are an expert at addressing? How do you describe your massage/work to others?

Her modalities include deep tissue, ortho-bionomy (positional release), medical techniques, Swedish relaxation, healing touch and much more. Her interactive approach will help you live a healthy and pain-free life, teaching you how to maintain wellness between sessions using everyday items around the house.

What brought you to AMC? And what will you bring to the team at AMC?

Victoria is excited to join the AMC team and feels her background will line up great with AMC’s clinic. She has worked in numerous onsite settings, including hospitals, backstage at concerts, bike races, yoga teacher trainings, music conferences, retreats, corporate events/wellness days and BBQs.

*Victoria will be out of Texas from August 1 until September 30. She will return to Austin Massage Company October 1 ready to see you all on her table!