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Kate Everritt

Where did you go to school? How many years have you been a therapist? Why did you choose massage therapy as your career?

Career technical College in Monroe, LA LMT since 2000 Love the study of human anatomy and physiology and wanted a career helping people.

What do you consider your specialty modality or stand out area of the body/type of injury you feel you are an expert at addressing? How do you describe your massage/work to others?

Hips and head/neck are fave areas to work/release. Myofascial release is my specialty. Spent lots of time working with PTs and chiros to help patients in rehab recover and prevent injuries like whiplash. Also worked with many athletes injury recovery/prevention. My work is therapeutic, specific/targeted, while still bringing relaxation.

What brought you to AMC? And what will you bring to the team at AMC?

Michelle was a colleague, former coworker, and friend, and heard she was looking for a LMT. I felt my skills and expertise would be a good fit at AMC. I’ll continue to bring high level bodywork, passion for what I do, and genuine care for my clients.

When you are not massaging, what do you like to do with your time? What do you do to stay healthy?

I practice Muay Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Also love to spend time outdoors hiking and swimming, traveling as much as possible. Love to read graphic novels and collect vinyl.