How can we age well?

There are so many articles out there about “healthy aging" but most of them are bizarrely vague. Like ads for menstrual products or incontinence, they seem to be convinced that we’d all run away screaming if they actually mentioned what aging is actually like, so we’re left with commercials of silver-haired couples taking romantic strolls [...]

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Dealing With Rotator Cuff Injuries

You’ve been doing Olympic lifting for a while. Or stocking tall shelves. Or cheerleading, throwing your partners overhead. Everything was great! Until suddenly, it wasn’t. Ice and ibuprofen didn’t quite do the trick, so you visited the doctor. And lo and behold, you’ve got a rotator cuff injury and two questions: How the heck did [...]

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Headaches & Massages

“This project is such a headache!” They’re so common that the term has become synonymous with an annoyance, but what are headaches, really? And can massage therapy really help? Different types, different causes. Headaches are pretty easily defined, and we all know one when we feel it: it’s a pain in the head. But not [...]

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Smashing the “Toxins” Myth

Maybe you’ve just come back from a vacation where you had your fair share of wine and delicious food. Should you detox with a juice cleanse? Or perhaps a massage will flush these toxins from your body? Many health-minded people are seeking new ways to benefit their health and to undo some of the prior [...]

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Day in the Life: Cate Barrett, AMC Athlete

Iʼm a marathoner training for the 2020 Olympic Trials! I run 6-16 miles most days, and I lift weights twice a week. I also work a 9-5 job at Oracle. My days can be packed, and Iʼm always trying to find a balance between rest and work. But I love what I do, and chasing [...]

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Meet Destiny

1. Tell us what you do at AMC I am AMCs Office Manager. I do everything from answer phones 7 days a week, to restocking the clinic, to building shelves to payroll. 2. How were you introduced to the AMC family? I was referred by our own Nat Morales. I was looking to find a [...]

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Massage for Knee Surgery Rehab

Ouch! What did I do to my knee? If you’re experiencing knee pain, you’re not alone. Most Americans will have knee pain sometime in their life, whether from an accident, overuse, or general wear and tear as they age. Besides being uncomfortable, it’s often debilitating and holds you back from doing the activities you enjoy [...]

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We Bid James Adieu ((ALMOST))

  Our tried and true, Mr. James Uhl is making his way to the next steps in life. And while we are kicking and screaming to see him go, we have never been more proud to watch a therapist head on to the next chapter of their lives.   James has been with us since [...]

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Caring for the skin you’re in: Staying Sun Safe!

  Massage therapists see a lot of skin. All colors, all textures. Freckles, scars, stretch marks, moles. Skin with lots of hair and skin with none. Skin doesn’t surprise us. Except when it does. That brown spot on your shoulder blade? It wasn’t quite that big when you came in a month ago. And it [...]

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