What You Need To Know About Winter Sports

We don't get snow... But our little Texas hearts can't always take the cold (below 70's weather) all that well. Here are some winter sports safety tips from your one and only AMC! Texas is no Michigan when it comes to playing sports out in the cold weather, however, we do see regular dips down [...]

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Make Your Massage Last

In a world where everyone tries to make things last longer, we want to help you get all you can out of your massage. Not that we encourage getting off your massage schedule, but why not get the most bang for your buck between sessions? Getting a massage has so many benefits, but the moment [...]

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Business Spotlight – SKILLFUL PAWS

  AMC: Your business is SKILLFUL PAWS, so you are around animals all the time. How many pets do you have personally? And tell us a little about how you came into this line of work. Christine/Skillful Paws:I have two dogs. A 7 year old Boxer named Tigger and a 2 year old Lab/Dachshund mix [...]

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Know Your Therapist – Deborah

1. How do you describe your approach to massage? Customized massage using heated tools, pain management modalities combined with relaxation techniques. I bring pain relief to my clients without creating more pain. 2. What led to you practicing massage?  I was a personal trainer and titled bodybuilder. A handful of surgeries and a motorcycle wreck [...]

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Athlete Spotlight – Kathleen Woodhead

It is time for another awesome athlete spotlight. This time we are running (skiing/hiking) in to an adventure with Athlete Kathleen Woodhead, and we are pretty stoked about it!   Austin Massage Company (AMC): We are coming up on the end of the year. What goals do you have to finish up 2018 and do [...]

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It’s Time For A Physical

It is August.  Where has the time gone??  Crazy to realize kiddos will be going back to school at the end of the month, and fall sports are soon about to kick off. As a company that focus heavily on health and wellness through massage, we would just like to remind all of our busy [...]

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Jump on the cupping train

  When Michael Phelps showed up with purple marks across his back, and arms, during the Olympic games in Rio in 2016 everybody collectively wondered what in the world had happened to him.  Phelps had brought an age old healing technique into the limelight: cupping. One of the services we offer at AMC is cupping, [...]

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Mix Tape Friday

  Summer 2018 is here in full force, and it’s friday, so, you know what that means…. Friday jam list summer edition!   “I Like It”  by Cardi B “Nice for What”  by Drake "Psycho"  by Post Malone "Mine"  by Bazzi "FRIENDS"  by Marshmello "Never Be the Same"  by Camila Cabello "These Days"  by Rudimental [...]

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Know Your Therapist – Andrea

1. How do you describe your approach to massage? I approach every massage with an open mind because even though there is a commonality to how our bodies hold tension and pain, every situation and every perspective is different.  After 15 years of practicing I still learn something new nearly every day.   2. What [...]

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Matters Of The Sun

Summertime is finally here, as we were all reminded this past week with temperatures cracking 100 degrees in Austin! And with the return of summer, AMC is here to remind you to PUT ON SUNSCREEN. Like you have heard before, it is so important to your health, and easy to forget about. Here are a [...]

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