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3M Prep

  The 3M Half Marathon is DAYS away! And we are stoked to be there waiting for you all at the finish line. And though most of you are well on your way to tapering off your workouts and getting ready for the big day. We wanted to give a few last minute tips on [...]

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No Mess Snacks

The school year is in full swing, and we’re all crazy busy - which makes healthy eating options all the more difficult to prioritize.  So, here are three quick, no mess, no fuss snack recipes:   Vegetarian, Gluten free Energy Bites 20-24 servings   1 cup Rolled oats 1/2 cup Almond butter 1/3 cup Honey, [...]

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AMC’s Weekly Bodywork Work Suggestion

  Are your legs aching, or your back throbbing during the work day? Try what we like to call the legs-up-a-wall pose!   How to get there you might ask? Scoot up to the edge of a wall (be careful there are no shelves or wall fixtures that could fall) Lie down with your bottom [...]

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AMC Fun Facts

Fridays should be about having fun and passing the time until 5 o'clock, right?? Well, we are here to make your dreams a reality. Spend the next 15 (or 45) minutes learning some cool new facts about Austin Massage Company: Did you know... We have therapist educated in prenatal massage. Did you know... There are [...]

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