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What do we really know about pain?

  What do we really know about pain? Pain is one of those “you know it when you feel it” kind of sensations. But it’s also a strange phenomenon, when you think about it. A snowball is cold, and so it feels cold when you touch it. A block of concrete is rough, so it [...]

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Now Hiring

  Austin Massage Company is looking to add a few more awesome therapists to our family and would love to have our very best critics (clients) help!   Here are the things we are looking for in a therapist: -is active & lives a healthy lifestyle -has previous experience working with athletic injuries & sports [...]

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Guess What’s Back…

  You saw that right!! If you haven't seen this graphic before, sit back and prepare yourself for excitement. If you have, then you know what's coming.   AMC is rocking the Celsius Sale this August!! Keep alert for times in August when we will be marking the weather and giving you a discount [...]

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The Best Father’s Day Gift

  Did ya know that this weekend is Father's Day? Are you sweating bullets thinking about what to get? JOIN the club... You've gotten him a watch, a wallet, a shirt he doesn't wear. Sometimes you just got to give up and give in. Get dad the thing he won't only like but actually may [...]

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WHAT IS IT: Trigger Point Myotherapy

Trigger point myotherapy is a noninvasive therapeutic modality for the relief and control of myofascial pain and dysfunction. The goal of treatment is the client’s recovery from or a significant reduction in myofascial pain. The treatment goal is achieved through a systematized approach. Treatment consists of trigger point compression, myomassage, passive stretching, and a regime [...]

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3 Things Massage Can Help You With Right Now

We know massage will make us move better and feel happier, but not everyone can make time for regular appointments. Luckily massage is great preventive care and it can have some instantly-gratifying results. Check out these 3 things massage can help you with right now.   Headaches   Tension headaches (often called stress headaches) are [...]

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