Why We Love The Driveway Series

If you haven’t caught on, we are PUMPED that The Driveway Series is back this season!! But why is it you ask, that we are so in love with this sporting event??

Well, let us enlighten you on our reasoning (not that you really need any more reasons to love it so):

  1. BIKES – We mean, this is an obvious one. But of course we love promoting and supporting anything that encourages a healthy life style. Cycling is such a good way to stay healthy and even more so HAPPY! Have you ever seen a sad face in that crowd??
  2. COMMUNITY – The Driveway Series is a community like no other. Over the years we have seen kids turn into young adults. Cyclist get married to one another. And life long friendships be formed. We are so grateful to be a part of this family, and it is such a cool thing to see grow over the years!!
  3. KINDNESS – There are not many places you can find such camaraderie through sports. Sure, everyone loves the sport they are doing. But cycling, and especially The Driveway Series, is such an awesome depiction of just how much those involved support one another. Don’t believe us? You should see it for yourself!

If you want to learn more, or join us at the next Driveway, check out their WEBSITE for more information!

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